Top 4 Advantages of Private Money Loans

Private money loans mostly refer to loans provided by non-institutional lenders. Such lenders mostly involve private investors or companies. If you are seeking a short-term loan to purchase a fix and flip or rehab the property, then you may want to consider turning to a private money lender.

Benefits of Private Money Loans

There are many benefits offered by private money loans. These include:
  • Faster Access to Funds: You can get private money loans much faster than from regular financial institutions. If you turn to a bank for a loan, you will most likely have to wait a minimum of 30 days to receive funding. In addition to the longer wait times, the required documentation and application process can be quite tedious. In contrast, you can get a loan from a private lender much quicker.  Not only is the list of required documents required by a private lender minimal, but you will interact directly with the lender which streamlines the approval process. If you provide the requested documentation in a timely manner, a private lender can typically fund your loan in a week.
  • Get A Competitive Advantage: Private money loans can give you an incredible advantage when you are trying to buy a property in a competitive market. If there are multiple parties interested in a hot real estate investment deal, the early bird is likely to get the worm. Fast funding equals access to profitable properties, and a hard money lender is a great partner to have in these situations. If the private lender finds value in the property and you have enough equity in the deal, you can get funding lightning fast compared to a traditional bank.
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  • Simplified Repayment Terms:  You will have greater flexibility in structuring the repayments with a private money lender than with a financial institution. If you take out a loan with a large financial institution, the repayment terms are set out by the bank as per their defined policies. Though some adjustments may be made, most of the time you will have to accept the repayment structure set by the bank. On the other hand, you are likely able to work out a mutually agreeable repayment term with a private lender.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Charges: You can avoid paying unnecessary charges when you opt for private money loans. For example, many major lending institutions often have a prepayment penalty clause. This means that if you decide to repay the loan amount in full before the expiration of the loan, then you may be subject to a penalty fee. You are not likely to face this issue with private lenders. If you come by some extra money, say from the sale of another investment property, you can easily pay down your hard money loan with your private lender without facing fees.

If you are in the real estate investment industry and consider a private money loan to be in your best interestFree Reprint Articles, the next step is to find a reputable lender. Check the track record of the private lenders in your area and do thorough research on their company and try to obtain some testimonials from previous borrowers.

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BigCommerce Customization for Mobile Themed Websites

BigCommerce is one of the most widely used eCommerce platforms in the world. The reason for this is because it is as effective for a startup as it is for an established billion-dollar company.

Its versatility and scalability is unmatched. With this being said, Bigcommerce Customization is vital if you want to make sure your business grows in line with your ambition.

There are a number of readymade free and paid BigCommerce themes available in the market. All of these are quite attractive, but there is always room for customizations. Customizations that will help you achieve the vision you have for your brand, things that will help you stand out as something special compared to your competition. As far as functionality is concerned, there are some BigCommerce customizations that you can do yourself. There are some amazing add-ons available in the App Store, which can do wonders for your store. 

With today’s technological advancement, more people are shopping online through mobile devices so you need to make sure that your BigCommerce store is responsive to that medium. Mobile friendly themes are not the same as regular themes.

Keep in mind that having a mobile-friendly store means that search engines will rate you higher. This will open up your business to a larger audience and achieve growth much faster.

Customize a BigCommerce Mobile Theme

BigCommerce customization is different for mobile themes compared to regular themes. You will need to access the Mobile Tab of the Store Design menu and make sure that the mobile theme is enabled. To customize the theme, you should download the template file. The file is downloaded as a zip. You can unzip the files and edit them to customize your BigCommerce mobile theme.

The files that you save that can be edited are HTML and CSS files. You should know programming in HTML and CSS if you want to do the BigCommerce customization yourself. Leave it to professional developers if you do not.

The theme files can be edited using any text-editing tool like Microsoft Notepad. If your concern is the design of your mobile theme, you want to work on the style.css style sheet. Each file controls a different aspect of your theme, so you should know which ones to edit.

Once you have edited the mobile theme files, you need to upload them to your store using the WebDAV file access client. Make sure that the format of the uploaded files is the same as the ones you downloaded. Each folder must contain the same files that it did previously, and files that were outside the folders should be outside the folders. Even folders that are empty need to be present as is.


Certified Experts in BigCommerce Customization

As a business owner, there are certain things that need to your utmost attention, business planning, marketing strategies, managing product lines, etc. Having an outstanding mobile-friendly store that runs like a well-oiled machine is also important. This is where BigCommerce certified experts can help lighten your workload.

At 1 Digital Agency, we are masters of all things BigCommerce including setup, customization and support. We understand the pressure that you are under, and work as an extension of your business vision to deliver tangible results. When we take on a projectPsychology Articles, our sole purpose is to meet your expectations and we do that every single time. Call us on 888.982.8269 or contact us let us show you how BigCommerce customization is really done.

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Ten Approaches to Enhance Your Rest

Few of us wake up completely refreshed, realizing that every single day they have gotten as much rest as they needed. For whatever is left of us, we may need to change a couple of things in our condition or change a few. 

Few of us wake up completely refreshed, realizing that every last day they have gotten as much rest as they needed. For whatever is left of us, we may need to change a couple of things in our condition or change some of our practices. We have accumulated a rundown of the main ten strategies to enhance our rest, and we trust that some of these thoughts may profit you too. 

1) Put down the Phone (Behavior Change)

I was trying the speed of this site with think with Google, and keeping in mind that I held up they flew up a measurement that said that Americans burn through 177 minutes a day on their telephones. Without a doubt we don't generally burn through 3 hours a day on our telephones, isn't that so? So I began following my telephone conduct alongside Rana's. I'm on the telephone for 60 minutes a day chatting with customers for my ordinary employment at Medical Valuations. 

Do I truly check in an additional two hours? All things considered, when my children have a question, most likely google has an answer. Sitting tight for lunch, yes better check my email. In the washroom? Great time to investigate the football scores. Still it is highly unlikely that I have checked in an entire two hours a day on my telephone. At that point it hits me, why gracious why do I take my telephone into the room? Not very many of my customers have crises and need to talk with me at 9pm, which would be midnight eastern, so there is surely no business require around then. 

Do I have to check my messages during the evening? Again just my east drift customers could truly get annoyed with not getting a reaction until I'm up the following morning. So there we have it, why have I been bringing it with me into the room these years? All things considered, it must be on the grounds that I need to make think with Google more brilliant and be a piece of their measurement. As I was looking at my conduct it turned out to be certain that I do put in around 3 hours on the telephone, much the same as they said. I now have another run, which is straightforward and simple to take after. I close down my telephone at 9 and after that connect it into charge to my office, which is on the flip side of the house. The lesson of the progression, don't call me after 9…

If you can’t stick to that, or if you can’t cold turkey shut off the phone at bed time, then set a countdown on your phone.  Start the timer at one hour and you will find out how much time you are really spending at night.  Just knowing that you have a tracker counting down on your allowed minutes will encourage your brain to start scaling back on the time you are wasting.  After a few days, cut the time from an hour to 45 minutes and see how your mind starts to react.  Within a couple of weeks you will be able to just leave it in another room and start to focus on sleep.

2) If you are going to watch TV in bed, set the sleep timer (Behavior Change)

Obviously, if you can go without a TV in bed, you are probably getting more sleep than your peers.  However, if you need the distraction or like settling in and watching a show or two, then you should consider setting limits.  A sleep timer will do two things for you:

Give you an outside limit of the amount of time you spend watching rather than sleeping
If you doze off during the movie, it will turn off so that a sudden noise later in the show doesn’t wake you up.

As painful as this can be you probably won’t want to try to cut bedroom TV cold turkey. Again use the weaning strategy.  Once you get in the bedroom set the sleep timer at say 90 minutes.  If you are awake and it goes off, use some restraint and don’t turn it on until tomorrow.  Then after a week at 90 minutes try 60 minutes and see if you can get yourself to the ultimate goal of moving the TV out of your bedroom altogether.

3) Set a strict bed time (behavior change)

It is a part of parenting to have a bed time for your children, but do you bother to have one for yourself?  Odds are you don’t.  Perhaps it’s time to get serious about getting your body into a comfortable pattern.

Figure that it takes about 7-15 minutes to fall asleep once you put your head to the pillow.  If you know that it takes you longer than that you may need to change quite a few behaviors or some of your sleeping conditions.

4) Track your sleep (understand your habits)

Only after tracking your sleep habits will you really understand what is going on.  I assure you that two things will happen once you purchase a sleep/fitness tracker.

You will be shocked at how you sleep.  Sure you already have an idea of how long you sleep, but do you have any idea how many times you woke up at night, or how long you spent tossing and turning or just being restless?
You will have a desire to change certain behaviors which will lead to better sleep.
We have an entire section devoted to wearable tech devices, but we are mainly concerned with their sleep tracking.  You can read more about them on our wearable tech page.

5) Change your mattress (adapt your surroundings)

This may come as an unwanted expense, but when you consider how much time you spend sleeping, or trying to sleep, the cost becomes trivial when compared to the benefits.  I can’t tell you how many bad mattresses I have had, from the college days of sleeping on a mattress on the floor, to ones that gave me horrible back pain.  It wasn’t until we started this project that I really started to log serious sleep on my fitness tracker.  Without really testing a few different mattress types, its hard to know what your body really likes.

For example, if you are currently on a innerspring mattress without a pillow top, and you can feel some coil lumps, then try something completely different like an all foam mattress.  The ship directly to the customer market that Amazon has perfected works great for mattress firms.  Now that they don’t have to have store in every city they can afford to let you test their products for a few months.  Most of the companies like Helix, Nectar, Eve, Leesa, Ghostbed, Purple etc. will let you test their beds for 100 days.  If you don’t like it they will refund you and you can try something different.  If it turns out that an all foam mattress doesn’t work for you, and you know that your current innerspring mattress doesn’t work, then try a hybrid.

You can learn more about the mattresses that we have tested on our Mattresses page.

6) Change your surroundings (adapt your surroundings)

This may be as simple as getting a different set of sheets, or as complicated as remodeling your bedroom.  But if there is something in your room that always bugs you, perhaps it is time to change it.

In our case, we had a house that backed to a street.  5 years after living there we started noticing a major problem.  10,000 houses had been built north of us, so everyone of those people needed to use the road behind us to get to the city.  OOOPS!  We went from a few cars to so many cars that I couldn’t sleep until traffic died down at around 10pm and I was up at 4 am when the early rush hour started.  We tried everything from triple pane windows to nice wooden shutters.  Each helped ever so slightly, but neither one solved the problem.

For our health we knew we either had to take over one of the kids’ rooms or move.  As we couldn’t torture our kids with the traffic pain that we were enduring we opted to move.  We were fortunate that we had the finances necessary to pick up and move, and the results have been incredible.  We both feel so much better now that our sleep is back to normal.  It took awhile to realize that less than 6 hours of sleep per night long term had serious health consequences.

7) Change your pillows (adapt your surroundings)

This is something that most of us overlook.  Ok, go ahead and step away from your screen and remove the pillow from the pillow case.  It’s alright I’ll wait for you…

Did you see huge sweat/other fluid spots/discoloration on it or is it still as white as the day you bought it?  Odds are it’s not white anymore.  How about the firmness?  Is it fluffy and supportive like it used to be or is it stretched out?  If it’s still sparkly white and super firm, no problem.  Otherwise it’s time to look into a change.

baby sleep

8) Try some white noise or some pleasant aromas (adapt your surroundings)

If you are like me and you just can’t sleep without something in the background, then a white noise maker/or soundtrack may do the trick.  Rana is really into the scent diffusers, and they typically put out a little bit of a noise that serves the same peaceful purpose.  You can read more about this on our Diffusers page.

9) Snuff out your partners snoring (really fun!)

If you have a partner that snores, don’t pretend that you haven’t thought about or tried putting a pillow over their mouth.  Anyway you look at it, it’s hilarious to see the results.  I’m usually the one who is on the wrong end of this trick, but it’s a funny way to alert your partner that there is an issue and it needs to be addressed.

Being overweight, sick, or sleeping on your back can all contribute to stealing precious sleep from your partner.  The one thing that you may be able to control with behavioral adjustments is your weight.  There are plenty of other places where you can get tips on losing weight, so we aren’t going to go there.  What’s important is that you recognize the damage you are doing to your partner and discuss ways to mitigate that damage.

10) Exercise (Behavioral Change)

Do you remember being a kid?  You were always active and when bedtime hit, it usually didn’t take too long to fall asleep.  Look at yourself now, are you anywhere near as active as you were?  If you answered no, then concentrate on the other 9 sleep tips.  For the rest of us, getting more exercise is probably going to be one of the easiest things we can do.  I am a firm believer in tracking.  It doesn’t matter what you track, it could be your spending, your work habits, or your sleep habits.  Once you start tracking them something your life changes.

Have you ever created a budget, where you track every last dollar that you spend?  If not, try it for just one month, it opens your mind to see how you spend your money.  Once you know where it goes, then you can figure out what to cut so that you can take a hold of your financial life.  The cool part about budgeting is that once you understand your spending behavior you can change it.  When changed you don’t need to stick to the budget (or follow it), as you just adapt your spending habits.

Fitness trackers work the same way, you have to understand how infrequently you move (if you are stuck behind a desk all day) before you can recognize the need to get more exercise.  Now, by itself a fitness tracker isn’t going to get you more exercise, you have to choose to alter your behavior by accepting their information/feedback.  You can ignore your hourly notifications to get up out of the chair, or you can walk over to the watercooler or around the building when the notification comes in.

There is no silver bullet which will yield better sleep.  HoweverBusiness Management Articles, if you attempt a combination of behavioral changes and some environmental changes you will find yourself waking up a little more refreshed.

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Life Does Have Its Compensations – Occasionally

On occasion, it appears as though there is definitely no equity in this world, and afterward something brilliant happens compensating for practically everything. This previous week I was sufficiently blessed to experience one of. 

On occasion, it appears as though there is definitely no equity in this world, and afterward something brilliant happens compensating for practically everything. This previous week I was sufficiently blessed to experience one of those uncommon gems of life. 

I should state not all weeks are this way. My weeks for the most part range from awful to more awful to this rarely stop. 

A typical week for me is the point at which I step forward and get keep running over by an auto. Or, on the other hand, exactly when I believe I'm made up for lost time, I find I've been chipping away at a week ago's schedule. 

Not that I'm whining on the grounds that grumbling never gets anyplace in life. In any event, no place I need to go. 

A man who grumbles so anyone might hear is a man who is not hitched. Spouses have a method for transforming their better half's whining into "Well, its your own particular blame." It's stunning how this one expression can cover a huge number of sins. 

Along these lines, I'm not griping, I'm quite recently considering on my life and praising an awesome occasion this week. 

I returned home on Tuesday and the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage was not there. I made myself some espresso and got settled in my armchair to rest from the works of the day. 

A decent measure of Joe goes far to smooth the unpleasant edges of quickly. No sooner was I settled than the phone rang. It was my better half. 

"Are you home yet?" she said in an extremely resigned and calm voice. From the tone of her voice, I knew something wasn't precisely right.

For a moment, I was tempted to answer her question in the negative. But then I do value my life. I knew the question was rhetorical and was not the reason for her calling. Something was up.

“Could you come over to the church right now?” she asked.

I had just settled in my easy chair and was a little reluctant to extricate myself from my comfort zone. I could, but I wondered why she wanted me to come over.

It wasn’t my birthday so I knew it was not a surprise party. It wasn’t our anniversary. And as far as I knew I was not in any trouble, which in itself does not rule out my being in trouble.

“Why,” I queried.

“I just need you to come over here right now, pleeease.”

When my wife says “pleeease,” I know there’s a very good reason for it. Namely, she is in trouble and needs my assistance. Granted, this is a rare occurrence.

“Is there something wrong? Are you all right?” I asked.

“Well,” she hesitated, “I think I locked my keys in the car.”

Life does not get any better than this.

Often this situation has been reversed. I cannot tell how many times when I called home the first thing she says to me is, “Did you run out of gas?” Or, “Did you lock yourself out of your car?”

It’s not so much what she says as how sarcastically she says it.

Out of every 100 calls I make home I would say 95 of them fit into either one of those categories very nicely. It has come to the point where I dread calling home. Then she usually concludes the telephone conversation with, “I can’t see how anybody can run out of gas or lock their keys in the car as often as you do.”

Now the sock was on the other foot. My Beloved, who chides me so often about losing my keys or locking my keys in the car, has now done the same thing herself. Isn’t life great?

“Let me see if I understand this,” I said as sarcastically as I possibly could without bursting into hysterical laughter, “you locked your keys in the car?”

A hushed “yes,” drifted through the phone line.

“Excuse me,” I said rather haughtily, “I didn’t quite hear you.”

The responsive “yes” pierced the telephone and almost knocked me on my seat. “I locked my keys in the car … are you happy?” she snapped.


I was.

Whether it was my imagination or not, somehow I felt her eyes bore into my soul and I knew even though it was her mistake, I was in trouble. This is just the way life is.

However, such trouble is more delicious than two scoops of raisins in every box.

It has been a long time since I have enjoyed an errand as much as I did going over to the church and unlocking my wife’s car door for her.

Being the gentleman I am, I didn’t say anything but I sure did smile a lot. She, being the gracious lady she is, didn’t say anything but glared a lot.

I enjoyed it all.

That evening during supper, and after supper, she was rather quiet. I was sporting a snickering smile all evening.

Finally, she said, “All right, go ahead have your laugh.”

And I did.

As a Christian, I have discovered not every day is what you might call a good day. God has a marvelous way of keeping tabs on all of this.

The verse that brings comfort and encouragement in this area is Romans 8:28: “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”

OccasionallyScience Articles, life gives you a moment that compensates for every other moment in your life.

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The Reaper Makes a House Call

Five years ago I wrote an article that was deleted from the archives. At the time, I lived in the Midwest, and was the picture of perfect health. Since moving to the Southwest a year and a half ago, little annoying things have been happening to (indestructible) me: sporadic pains in the back and hip, a dislocated knee, “slow” eyes, thinning hair—incidents I never had to deal with before. I remain active athletically, but my performance is definitely off. With that in mind, here is that essay from…

June 13, 2012…

About a month or so ago, I retired to my basement bar, a bar as welcoming as most downtown taverns with respect to ambiance and selection. I happened to be in a rather depressed state of mind, which is quite unusual for me. The mood demanded a strong adult beverage, some light classical music (Bizet), and poetry. I wrote an article about what happened that day entitled, “A Conversation with the Devil” ( articleid=4561450). As you’ll recall the unexpected visitor from Hades looked nothing like I expected. He congratulated me on my (bad) conduct, and encouraged me to keep it up. Since then, I’ve been trying mightily to change my behavior to discourage another such visit. Unfortunately, my short attention span often gets the best of me, and I lapse back into old habits.

Today, after a run, a long bicycle ride, and a martini stop at Woody’s, I returned to the “scene” to reflect on the day; tried to remember if there was something I forgot to do, and fixed a nice refreshing beverage to relax. On the aforementioned fateful day, the libation was vodka tonic, which was the precursor of the appearance of my unwelcomed visitor. Just for that I changed it up, and mixed a Margarita from scratch, put on June Christy, and opened “The Prague Cemetery” by Umberto Eco. I glanced at the wing chair to my right—the one where Martin Luther’s old bitter foe sat—and was relieved to find it empty. As I read, I got a kick out of the antics of the Italian and French governments and church nobles during the latter 19th Century. Eco’s descriptions were masterful. The “blame game”, typical of humans especially in politics, was in high gear. Everything wrong with civilization was attributed to Freemasons, Jesuits (“Masons who dress like women”), and Jews.

As usual, the smoky voice of June Christy combined with alcohol and reading caused me to start nodding off. Just before I did, a pleasant voice, neither loud nor intrusive, snapped me wide awake. I didn’t see anyone or anything. Did I imagine the voice?

“Hey, mortal man, over here.” The voice was behind me.

Sitting on a barstool was a young person of indeterminate sex. He/she was wearing a light-colored jump suit, and an Ernest Hemmingway style fishing cap with some kind of symbol. I felt quite comfortable in his (I’ll use a masculine reference) presence, and he smelled like freshly baked apple pie.

“That’s a relief,” I said, “I was afraid you were the guy I met last time, but you have the advantage. I’m afraid I don’t know you.”

“Well, let’s get acquainted then, shall we? Your drink looks good. Do you suppose I could have one?” The voice was clear and pleasant. It sounded male, but maybe that was because that’s the way I wanted to hear it.

“Of course. Please excuse my manners, but you can’t blame me for being startled what with unexpected visitors popping in at will.” I rose, walked behind the bar, and began filling a cocktail shaker with the ingredients—tequila, lime juice, and Triple Sec. I strained the drink into a salt-rimmed martini glass, and sat it before him. He took a small sip, smiled, and nodded his appreciation.

‘Excellent. Nobody makes a REAL Margarita anymore—only those fake production line restaurant versions.”

“I know. I suppose fresh lime juice quality is too variable for the mass quantities required in a regular tavern. But me? I’m a purist when it comes to mixology.” I paused, and he kept smiling back, offering nothing. “And you are..?”

His smile was engaging. “Put it this way: I’m the last image you’ll see before departing and entering another dimension. I was there when your father passed on. Do you recall?”

I looked at him sideways and nodded slowly. “Dad went with a grin; asked someone to hug him. That was you?”

He nodded. “Another was near me as well—your mother. The lesson I hope you learned is that the unavoidable biological event is joyous, not melancholy.”

I took a swig of my cocktail, looked past him, and thought for a moment. “You know, I watched a Science Channel program where they talked about near death experiences—those unusual times when a person dies clinically then returns. Turns out, they’re never afraid again. But, my Margarita-drinking hallucination, it turns out when the brain is deprived of oxygen it releases memories and something like a white light appears. The brain is merely shutting down giving us a feeling of euphoria, but it’s an illusion. Remember when three those Soviet cosmonauts returned dead because they lost oxygen? Each had a serene look on his face.”

“I assure you I am real enough. I may not carry a scythe and wear a black-hooded robe, but I am THE END. Jim Morrison sang about me; called me an old friend.” He finished his drink, and pointed at his empty glass. I made another batch. “But I can tell you fear me. Is that why you exercise so frequently, and watch your diet? Do you think that will help you live longer?”

I sat the drinks before us. “Well, that’s a possible—no, probable—outcome, but that’s not my sole purpose. I do it for how I feel in the present, which is basically the same as forty years ago. Only thing is when I nick something—get an injury—it takes a lot longer to bounce back.”


He nodded thoughtfully. “Think of it this way; good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die, barring unexpected events. However, you never know what’s percolating away on the inside.” He took a big gulp of his Margarita. “Damn, that’s good.”

“That’s true…” I didn’t tell him every time I get an unexpected pain or ache I start conjuring up the worst. “But I like to take good care of my things—I’m a good steward—and that includes my body.”

He looked me in the eye and nodded. “And that’s noble, but consider this: you health nuts are going to feel a bit disappointed someday lying on your backs, with loved ones crying in the corner, and you dying of nothing.” He laughed like the thought stuck him as funny.

“Except it won’t be nothing. It’ll be the result of a chain reaction of falling dominoes—to complete the metaphor.”

“Exactly! There’s always something. All living things complete a cycle. The moment of your birth, you were spanked into death; your inevitable appointment with me.”

“Well, I have a different plan.” I gave him a look to convey I wasn’t serious. “See, I plan to live forever. So far, so good.”

He winked at me. “You can, you know.”

“Live forever?”

“Right, it’s simply a question of faith.”

I avoided his eyes. “Yeah, but I don’t know if I want to walk around in a robe; and I don’t like singing in a choir.” I heard the tink of an empty glass being set on the bar, and I turned to mix another batch of Margaritas. “You know, the Mormons claim there are three levels of heaven, and in Islam they say there are seven; hence the term seventh heaven.”

There was a period of silence, maybe five seconds, while I shook the drinks then he said quietly, “I’ll be seeing you.”

“When?” I was afraid to hear his answer. When I turned to face him, there was only an empty glass.

Copyright 2012 by Gene Myers

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Are You Suffering From a Medical Illness or Spiritual Attack?

Astral parasites and predatory spirits attack, harass, and possess individuals who are weak or vulnerable. This especially true with people who are suffering from low self-esteem, trauma, addiction, medical illness, or difficult relationships.We see this in nature when wild animals, like lions, prefer to prey on young or sick animals, as opposed to healthy adults.

Astral parasites are attracted to people's emotions, including anger, sadness, grief, and hatred. While they may not necessarily create the person's condition (such as depression), they feed on our lower emotional vibrations and exacerbate the medical or psychological disorder. While this kind of parasitic invasion does not qualify as full-blown spirit possession, astral entities does cause harm to their unsuspecting victims. As astral predators and parasitic negative energies are all around us. You could think of them as being like mosquitoes, except they feed on your vital life force, rather than your blood.

We need to understand that many different spiritual beings and alien species reside on this planet. We go about our daily routines without having any knowledge of their presence among us. Extra-dimensional entities also make regular visits our reality. These resident spirits and astral entities come in many varieties, shapes, and forms. They are as numerous as the many living creatures we are familiar with in the physical world.

Since the world is not black and white, it's difficult to determine when a person is under attack by a predatory spirit. A supernatural attack can be as dramatic as the kind seen in Hollywood horror movies, or so subtle, that a person's condition is attributed to normal stress or common viruses.

I'm not trying to scare people by suggesting that demons and devils are everywhere. The supernatural world is very much a part of the natural world. I sometimes call it the "hidden world" or the "invisible world". The spiritual realms are the dimensions that lie beyond our physical senses due our biological limitations and filtering systems.

In some ways, our ignorance of lower vibrational life-forms and malicious higher intelligent beings (IE. demons) protects us from them. By this, I mean, that since we do not notice these troublesome spirits, they do not get the attention and energy needed to launch a targeted assault against us. On the other hand, our lack of awareness of predatory entities and meddlesome spirits allows them to go unnoticed and wreak havoc in our lives.

The truth is, a person's illness could have multiple causes, including a spiritual source, medical illness, and emotional distress. This means a person could benefit from traditional medical treatment, psychotherapy, alternative healing, and spiritual counseling.


I feel it's very easy to see astral predators at work on the mentally ill. This particularly true with patients who have been identified or diagnosed with psychiatric disorders like psychosis, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

This does not mean that every person who has one of the mental conditions is under spiritual attack. However, it could mean that the individual is susceptible to going into a dissociated or altered state, where they are confronted with disturbing imagery, and uncommon communication with otherworldly beings. This means many so-called mentally ill persons can access or perceive other dimensions, and realities. After all, what is the real difference between a person who channels extra-dimensional beings, or receives spirit communications, and one who exhibits similar behaviors, but who is disturbed by the experience, and seeks medical treatment for it.

This is only a short article on the topic of astral parasites and predatory entities. Please be proactive, and look online for psychic self-defense techniques and resources to protect yourself against spiritual attacks.

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